Tempo Naturae is a project that explores the creative process and the relationship between art and artists of the urban environment with the objective of evaluating, documenting, and telling the different research project leaded forward. For the 1.0 residence, Tellas residence Ciredz and Alberonero, among the most original artists of abstract urban art, they abandoned the city for seven days to immerse themselves in the wild places of the Val di Fiemme. Three artists whose work originates in the country of their homeland and whose imagery is closely linked and influenced by nature, lifeblood of their artistic research and in which periodically feel the need to get reacquainted.
Tempo Naturae represents a chance to escape from the constraints and the frenzy of everyday life. A place where “freedom” becomes the watchword and a condition to be tested. Nature evolves from specific subject to “energy that founds the art”, a structuring part of the creative process. Nature not only as a landscape to explore but as active principle and generating force that refers to the concept of man as “a natural voice by nature itself”. The artists will internalize the elements and atmosphere of the place to recreate them in ephemeral result as a result of the fusion between the perception of lived spaces and their own languages, using only what nature provides, in total respect of the environment. Eye Blind Factory, accompanied by a local guide will accompany Tellas, Ciredz and Alberonero in this experience and document what happens when three urban artists evade the city to get reacquainted with the origin

The project is realizzed with the support  of ” Comune di Varena ” and ” Magnifica comunità di Fiemme” and with the sponsorship of “spring color srl”